Crimper & Decapper


Crimpers and Decappers: Choice of Manual or Electronic type with Battery Charger. Universal plug set for battery charger
included in all kits.
- Easy to use; comfortable grip.
- Hundreds of operations from one charge.
- Adjustable crimping force.
- New battery allows for faster charge cycle.
- All kits include a universal plug set for the battery charger.
- For 11mm and 20mm caps.

Electric Crimper/Decapper

- Advanced Ergonomic Design
- Engineered to aave money and make your Crimping and Decapping jobs go faster and easier
- Quick-change jaw-sets available in 8, 11, 13, and 20 mm sizes
- Provides cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase separate crimpers and decappers

Hand Crimper

Hand Crimpers are ideal for low volume crimping operations and sample preparation operations. The hand crimper
provides the user with a simple, yet effective, and repeatable means of securely crimping aluminum crimp seals to vials and

Hand crimpers are designed, and manufactured using quality materials, and finishing techniques to provide a consistent
and dependable seal while maintaining their durability, and long life.

The hand crimpers are provided with an adjustable stop, allowing the operator to repeatedly achieve a quality crimped seal.
We also offer hand crimpers that have an adjustable plunger or block, for crimping vials and bottles where the stopper
thickness varies. All parts that contact the crimp seal are stainless steel or electro less nickel plated. The crimper jaws are
hardened and polished to provide smooth, consistent operation.

Hand Decrimper

Smooth simple operation allows for quick and easy removal of crimped aluminum seals from crimp vials and bottles.

The decrimper is different from the plier decappers because it is designed for repeated de-crimping, (decapping) of crimp
vials and bottles.

Plier decapper provide a quick, and inexpensive way for removing crimped seals and caps from vials and bottles. Ideal for
smaller quantities on an as needed basis.

Stainless steel construction

Cushioned grips are color coded for easy identification. (Also available without grips)

Benefits of use include:
Allows removal of the cap from the vial so that no contents are wasted, which also facilitates recycling by separating the cap
from the glass vial.

Column Cutter
Cutter for capillary tubing & stainless steel column for 0.25–0.53mm ID & 0.5–0.8mm OD and other HPLC tubing

Restek Tubing Scorer for MXT, Ultimetal and other stainless steel Columns