GC Ferrules
Our comprehensive range of GC ferrules are designed and tested to meet critical autosampler specifications.

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Vespel® Ferrules
• 100% high-temperature polyimide.
• Stable to 350°C.
• Durable, leak-tight.

Graphite Ferrules
• Preconditioned to eliminate out-gassing.
• High-purity, high-density graphite.
• Smoother surface and cleaner edges than conventional graphite ferrules.
• Contain no binders that can off-gas or adsorb analytes.
• Stable to 450°C.

Vespel®/Graphite Ferrules
• 60%/40% Vespel®/graphite blend, offering the best combination of sealing and ease of workability.
• Seal with minimal torque, reusable, and preferred for vacuum and high-pressure uses.
• Stable to 400°C.
• Recommended for mass spec transfer lines.

Alumaseal Ferrules
• Aluminum construction—will not crack or fragment; no more ferrule fragments in the transfer line.
• No retightening required after temperature cycles—excellent for GC/MS.
• Eliminate out-gassing, make leak-tight seals, for less detector noise.
• Unique two-piece design permanently locks on fused silica tubing without causing breakage.
• Will not stick in fittings, unlike Vespel® or graphite.
• Stable to 550°C.

Teflon® Ferrules
• Upper temperature limit 250°C.
• 100% Teflon®; completely inert.
• One-piece design requires no back ferrule.