GC & HPLC Syringes
Our comprehensive range of GC autosampler syringes from Hamilton and SGE are designed and tested to meet critical
autosampler specifications.

Agilent Technologies                Shimadzu  

CTC/Leap                                    Thermo Scientific

PerkinElmer                                Varian

GC Syringes

HP7673, 7683, 7693A & 6850ALS
CTC / Leap CombiPal Autosampler
PE AutoSystem™ and Clarus™
Shimadzu AOC14, AOC17 and AOC 20 Autosamplers
Thermo Scientific GC Autosampler Syringes Fixed and Removable Needle
Varian CP8400, CP8410, CP9010, CP9050, Varian 8035, 8100, 8200

HPLC Syrimges

HP 1090 LC Autosampler Syringes
PE Series 200 LC Autosampler Syringes
Spark Holland Promis LC Autosampler Syringes
Thermo Scientific SP8780/8875/8880 LC Autosamplers
Thermo Scientific AS100/300 & AS1000/3000/3500 LC Autosamplers
Waters / WISP