Gas Filters


Types of Gas Filters
-Carbon Dioxide Trap

The Clean Gas Filter System is designed to provide the utmost in convenience and contamination reduction. The system is
tested for leak-tightness, and the glass and metal construction of the cartridges eliminates diffusion of contaminants into the
gas stream.
Filter systems are available in several configurations, including 3 and 4 cartridge systems for GCs equipped with FIDs.
Additionally, baseplates are available for 1, 2, 3, or 4 filters, allowing the user to design a gas filter system for any application.

The unit is ready to connect with 1/8 inch tubing. Maximum pressure is 150 psi (11 bar). Connection to 1/4 inch tubing is also

High-purity output ensures 99.9999% pure gas (at max. flow of 2L/min.).
“Quick connect” fittings for easy, leak-tight cartridge changes.
Glass inside to prevent diffusion; polycarbonate housing outside for safety.

We offer both the single use gas filters and Regenerate type of gas filters

Common Filters
- All Pure Gas Purifiers, Charcoal Trap, Hydrocarbons Trap, Sulfur Purifier, Oxygen Trap, Moisture Trap,
CO2 Adsorber, High Pressure Gas Drier

Moisture Removal
Moisture in carrier gas lines will prematurely degrade oxygen and hydrocarbon traps and increase detector
noise (particularly with ECDs). As a precaution, we highly recommend installing a moisture trap before the hydrocarbon and
oxygen traps on all carrier gas lines.

Hydrocarbon Removal
Use a hydrocarbon trap if your gas has a potential source of hydrocarbon contaminants (e.g., an oil pump in an air
compressor or cylinders) or if you suspect you are observing carrier gas ghost peaks. Install the hydrocarbon trap after the
moisture trap, to prevent moisture from degrading the hydrocarbon-trapping ability of the activated carbon in the hydrocarbon

Oxygen Removal
Oxygen is a column killer. It is present even in ultra high purity gases, as minute leaks at fittings allow oxygen to influx
against the concentration gradient. Because oxygen can enter a gas line at any fitting, the oxygen trap should be the last
connection before the gas line enters the chromatograph.