Glass Liners


Inlet Liners - For Agilent, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Varian and others

Types Inlet Liner Deactivations

Intermediate Polarity (IP) Deactivation
• Phenylmethyl-deactivated surface for better recovery of polar and nonpolar compounds.
• Compatible with most common solvents.

Base Deactivation
• Excellent inertness for basic compounds.
• Recommended for use with amine analysis

Siltek® Deactivation
• Revolutionary proprietary deactivation for
difficult matrices and reactive compounds.
• Inertness retained over a wide pH range.
• Minimal bleed.
• Ideal for chlorinated pesticide analysis; lowers endrin breakdown to less than 1%.

Types of Inlet Liners
- Split Liners
- Split/Splitless Liners
- CIS4 and PTV Liners
- On Column LIners
- DI Liners (For 0.32/0.53mm ID Columns)
- SPME Liners

New Siltek® Metal Inlet Liners for GCs
• Won’t crack, chip, or break like glass liners.
• Inertness equivalent to glass liners.
• Excellent response for pesticides, phenols, and other active compounds.
Supelco Capillary GC Inlet Liner Selection Guide
Four injection techniques – split, splitless, direct,
and on column – are used in capillary gas