Glass Wool

Inlet Liner Packing Materials

Deactivated Wool
This deactivated wool is more inert than traditional fused silica wool, yet it is as flexible as our traditional borosilicate glass

Base-Deactivated Wool
Ideal for amines and other basic compounds.

CarboFrit™ Inlet Liner Packing Material
• Highly inert.
• Extends analytical column lifetime.
• Enhances reproducibility of split and splitless injection.
• Uniform pore size and consistent packing density guarantee
consistent flow through the liner.
• Easy to install in any liner with an ID >3.5mm when using
puller-inserter tool listed below.

All th above Deactivated Wool for a Liner Packing to
• Ensure uniform vaporization in split or splitless liners.
• Prolong column life by trapping septum particles.

Recommended for autosamplers with fast injection rates.

Other Tools
Mini Wool Puller/Inserter
Insert and remove wool plugs easily.

Inlet Liner Packing Tool
• Position wool reproducibly every time.
• Accurate to a specific, measured depth.