Hollow Cathode Lamp &
Quartz Cells


Hollow Cathode Lamps

High quality replacement coded or non-coded is available with single element or multi element (37mm (1.5") or 50mm
(2")) for Perkin Elmer, Varian, GBC, Unicam and many others.
Warranty - Hollow Cathode Lamps

The Hollow Cathode lamps are warranted to emit spectra for a period of 24 months from the date of dispatch or 5000
milliampere hours usage, whichever occurs first. Should any failure occur (excluding accidental damage or misuse) within
the warranty period, the lamp will be replaced free of charge providing the failed lamp is returned in its original packing and
with the completed warranty card.

Deuterium, Xenon, Mercury and Tungsten Detector Lamps

We supply quality deuterium, xenon, mercury and tungsten lamps for over 700 detectors. All our detector lamps are
manufactured by leading companies including Cathodeon, Heraeus, Hamamatsu, IST and Ushio.

Warranty - Deuterium lamps

The Deuterium lamps for a warranty period of 6 months from date of purchase or for 1000 hours. Failures within 1000
hours will be replaced. We also offer a range of LongLife lamps and these are guaranteed for 2000 hours or for 1 year
from date of purchase).

Most lamps listed are tested on a detector or spectrophotometer the same or equivalent. Each lamp is tested for noise,
drift, wavelength accuracy and energy.

Hellma / Starna Cell

Material Specification :-

Optical Glass                                                 334 through 2500 nm
Special Optical Glass                                  320 through 2500 nm
Pyrex®                                                             320 through 2500 nm
Spectrosil® Quartz                                        170 through 2700 nm
Infrasil®                                                           220 through 3800 nm

Spectrophotometer Cells includes the following.
Closed screw cap
Demountable, short path
Demountable, flow
Dual pathlength
Flow cells
Graded seal attached
Low head space
Micro volume
Mixing Cells
Semi-micro volume
Septum cap cells
Standard rectangular
Stirring cells
Sub-micro volume
Tube attached to cells
Ultra-micro volume
Water jacket cells