Types of Syringes

Plastic syringes from BD, Braun, Terumo
3 pieces syringes, single-use. In PP, sterile. Latex free
2 pieces syringes, single- use. In PP, Latex Free
Either Luer Lock or Luer Slip

Volume: 2, 5, 10, 20 and other sizes

Glass Syringes (Cadence Science Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Syringes, Poulten & Graf GmbH, Becton

Syringes in borosilicate glass with metal tip. Luer Fitting, fully interchangeable.
Precisely grounded barrel with permanent graduation. Fully autoclavable.

PTFE Syringes (Hamilton, SGE)
Teflon syringe for transferring small corrosive liquid quantities.

Stainless Steel Syringes

- Syringes fit most syringe pumps  
- Made from top quality 316 stainless steel—provides superior chemical resistance  
- Designed to handle demanding applications with pressures
- Stainless steel offers good resistance to most aggressive liquids.  Luer lock end fittings are available. All tips are
interchangeable with all syringes (20 to 200 mL) in the series.