GC Nuts & Fittings
Our comprehensive range of fittings are designed and tested to meet critical GC / HPLC usage.

Connectors, Ferrules, Nuts for GCs / HPLCs

Capillary Column Nuts: Finger-Tight
Capillary Column Nuts: Finger-Tight
Capillary Nuts
Ferrules: Two-Hole - For 1/16" Compression-Type Fittings
Heater Block Retaining Nuts for GC Split/Splitless Injectors
Reducing Nut: Direct Replacement
Septum Nuts for use with Split/Splitless Injectors

Flangeless Fittings

• Designed to hold to higher pressures than standard Flangeless fittings
• Helps eliminate loosening of nuts caused by tubing twist
• Less ferrule wear (in most cases) leads to longer ferrule life
• Withstand pressures as high as 3,750 psi (259 bar)
• Made from durable, chemically compatible PEEK™(polyetheretherketone) polymer

We offer Super Flangeless fittings for various sizes of tubing (1/32" to 3/16") and with numerous threads from which to
choose (6-32, 6-40, 10-32, ¼-28, 5/16-24, M6).
6-32, 6-40 and 10-32 Super Flangeless Fittings for 1/16" OD (and smaller) Tubing

Ultra High Performance Fittings and Connectors

• Line includes nuts, ferrules, unions, tees, and crosses
• High temperature versions withstand temperatures up to 200°C
• High pressure versions rated to 15,000 psi and 28,800 psi
• Fittings for coned and flat-bottom ports
• For 1/16", 1/32", and 360 µm OD tubing connections
• SealTight™, LiteTouch® and Super Flangeless™ available

The Upchurch Scientific® line of Ultra High Performance (UHP) fittings and connectors offers increased ability to
withstand the demanding requirements of today’s HPLC and UHPLC instruments, and are used in applications where
improvements in efficiency, speed and resolution are needed. This line of products effectively handles system stresses
caused by recent innovations in UHPLC, such as smaller column packing materials, higher temperatures, and faster