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Rheodyne stainless steel and PEEK sample loops are factory-cut and finished to the highest quality. The 316 stainless
steel loop ends have a square cut and are burr-free for a flush connection to the valve. The flexible PEEK loop ends are
provided with a clean and straight cut for easy installation onto the valve.

Stainless Steel Sample Loops
Stainless steel sample loops are supplied with unswaged fittings. The two ends of the loop must be completely
bottomed in the injector ports before the ferrule is swaged onto the loop. Swaging each end separately and then
replacing the ends in their respective ports of the same valve ensure that the loop ends are bottomed into the ports. A
fitting made up in one port may leave an undesirable cavity in another port. As all ports vary in all valves, careful attention
to loop installation is important.

Stainless steel and titanium sample loops are available. The size designations of loops are nominal. The actual
volumes can differ from the theoretical designations because of the ± 0.025 mm (0.001") tolerance of the metal tubing

PEEK loops are also supplied with unswaged RheFlex® fittings but do not require the same swaging precaution. The
fittings can reposition along the loop tubing when the fitting reinserts in the ports for correct loop installation.

PEEK Sample Loops
PEEK sample loops are alternatives to stainless steel loops. The material is inert to almost all organic solvents and is
biocompatible, which gives PEEK loops added versatility. Rheodyne uses natural PEEK for these sample loops. This
means no dye leaching into your sample.