GC Septa
Our comprehensive range of GC septa  are designed and tested to meet critical autosampler specifications.

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The GC are fabricated from 100% pure premium grade silicone, rubber, PTFE and offer the best low bleed performance
available and excellent life time use. Packed in ultra-clean glass jars.

3 Types of Septa

Premium septa offer the longest average injection lifetime with lowest bleed, at the highest inlet setpoint temperatures.
Septa are 3mm thick, and molded for accurate fit. They are made from silicone. Premium septa have a CenterGuide(TM)
chamfer molded into one face of the septum. The CenterGuide guides the needle for easy penetration and reduced
needle bending. Septa are carefully processed, then packaged in glass vials.

- BTO® - For highest temperature use, with lowest bleed and outstanding injection life. Maximum setpoint 400 deg. C.
- Marathon (TM) - For long injection life, minimal coring. Maximum sepoint 400 deg. C
- Advanced Green 3 (TM) - Long life, high-temperature green septum. Maximum setpoint 400 deg. C.

Diameter of the Septa

5mm diameter premium septa.   
9mm diameter premium septa.   
3/8" (9.5mm) diameter premium septa.   
10mm diameter premium septa.   
11mm (7/16'') diameter premium septa.   
11.5mm diameter premium septa.   
1/2" (12.7mm) diameter premium septa.   
17mm diameter premium septa.
Shimadzu Style premium Septa