Storage Vials
Storage Vials
For general storage applications these dram vials take caps with standard GPI threads. Both injection caps
with piercable seals and solid PTFE lined storage caps may be supplied separately or as part of
convenience packs. The vials are Class 1 hydrolytic extraction neutral borosilicate glass to give assurance of
sample stability and low extraction. Most configurations are also supplied in amber glass with similar
hydrolytic activity.

High Recovery Dram Vial
This vial while conforming to the standard 15mm x 46mm profile has a precisely contoured reservoir with
controlled depth allowing maximum extraction of liquid samples.
This gives the ability to concentrate and extract samples from the same vial with a residual volume of
less than 15μL

Powder Vials
For dry powder weighing and dispensing the walls of these vials are free of neck
constrictions and traps. The external custom 14mm thread takes a white polypropylene cap that is
compatible with most robotic transfer systems.
Two versions are available with nominal volume of 5mL and 7mL with a 14mm od.

EPA Type Vials
For water samples and for environmental testing 20mL and 40mL EPA pattern vials are available with both
injection and solid storage caps. These vials are to the same external size as other EPA pattern vials but in this
form are supplied in separate packaging.

TOC Vials
We offer low-level certified vials in the market for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling.
Major TOC instrument manufacturers use and recommend these vials when analysis of low levels of TOC
requires low background level assurance.
Each lot of vials is tested and certified to contribute less than 10ppb TOC as background or for less stringent
applications the 20ppb TOC version.
The Certificate of Analysis is included with lot production numbers.

Combination Packs
Common combinations of vials and closures can be ordered together for greater convenience and assured fit.