GC Vials


Complete range of vials for Agilent, Varian, PE, Shimadzu, Thermo GC

2.0mL, 8mm Screw-Thread Vials
2.0mL, 9mm Short-Cap Screw-Thread Vials
2.0mL, 10mm Screw-Thread Vials
2.0mL, 11mm Crimp-Top Vials
2.0mL, 11mm Poly Crimp Vials
Certified Autosampler Vial Kits

All our autosampler vials are manufactured from glass meeting the international standards for hydrolytic extraction.

•BS ISO 3585, DIN 12217 borosilicate glass
•ASTM E-438 Type 1 class A borosilicate glass
•US Pharmacopoeia Type 1 borosilicate glass
•European Pharmacopoeia Type 1 glass

We offer Silanized Glass Vials

Why are they used?
• Hydrophobic siliconizing agents prevent losses of basic polar compounds and active bio-molecules on glass surfaces.
• Protein losses on glassware can be significant when working with small amounts of protein. It is very useful for protein
chemistry applications because its working solution is prepared in water and does not require dilution in hazardous non-
polar organic solvents. Be aware that some proteins are lost on hydrophobic surfaces more readily than on hydrophilic
• With vials used for concentration with small volume, the deactivation improves total recovery of polar components.
• With micro-sampling, recovery of active components is improved giving greater accuracy and precision.

Siltek Coated Vials
For a highly inert surface, we recommend Siltek® deactivation for your vials:
• Maximizes inertness, minimizes sample breakdown—ideal for difficult matrices and reactive compounds.
• Inert over a wide sample pH range.
• Low bleed.
• Thermally stable.
• Any glass vial can be coated.