ICP Accessories
We supply the accessories and consumables for ICP and ICP-MS. Our products include:

• ICP Nebulizers
• ICP Spray Chambers
• ICP Torches
• ICP Cones
• ICP RF Coils
• ICP Accessories

• ICP-MS Nebulizers
• ICP-MS Spray Chambers
• ICP-MS Torches
• ICP-MS Cones
• ICP-MS RF Coils
• ICP-MS Accessories

All the parts are tested and are suitable for the following models:

Agilent –                                         4500, 7500/7700
GBC -                                              Integra XL, XM, XM2, XP, XMP
GV Instruments (Micromass) -  Micromass, Platform, Isoprobe
Jobin Yvon (Horiba) -                  24, 38 & 138 Series, Ultima, Activa
Leeman (Teledyne) -                   Leeman Series Axial / Radial, Prodigy, Profile
Nu Instruments -                          Nu Plasma
Perkin Elmer -                               Elan 500, 5000, 6000, 9000, Elan 6100DRC, DRC II, DRC-e, Optima
                                                2000/4000/5000/7000 DV Series, Optima 3000DV, 3100DV, 3200DV, 3300DV, Optima
                                                3000RL, 3100RL, 3200RL, Optima 3000XL, 3100XL, 3200XL, 3300XL, Optima 4300V,
                                                5300V, 7300V, Plasma 1, 1000, 2, 2000, 400
Thermo (TJA) -                              iCAP6000 Duo, iCAP6000 Radial, PlasmaQuad, Axiom, X Series
Varian -                                           700-ES Series Axial, Vista Axial, 700-ES Series Radial, Vista Radial, Liberty
                                                100/120/150/200/220, Liberty Series II Axial

ICP Standards for Use with Popular Analytical Instrumentation


- Detergents & Cleaners - Manual, Soak, Ultrasonic cleaner for laboratory glassware and ICP glassware

- Alconox, Alcotabs, Alcojet, Alnochromix, Citrajet, Citranox, Detergent 8,  Detojet, Detonox, Keylajet, Liquinox, Luminox,
Solujet, Tergajet, Tergazyme

- Decon Labs BathBrite, Citrad, Contrad 70, Contrex AL, Contrex AP, Alkaline Powdered Detergent, Contrex CA, Contrex
EZ, DeSCAL, Dri-Clean, Enzyte, Neutrad, SprayKlean

- Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, ProHD Heavy-Duty Cleaner, dPRO3 PLUS, d Pro 5, All-Purpose Wipes