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PEEKPolymer Tubing

• Biocompatible, inert and easy to cut
• Great for high-pressure applications
• Wide choice of outer and inner diameters
• Many sizes color-coded for easier inner diameter identification

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) tubing is biocompatible, chemically inert and can be used in place of stainless steel
tubing in most liquid analytical systems. Additionally, when the outer diameter is smaller than 1/16”, PEEK tubing can be
used in place of more traditional fused silica capillary tubing.

PEEK tubing can be used with stainless steel nuts and ferrules, flangeless fittings, Super Flangeless™ fittings, or any
Upchurch Scientific-brand universal Fingertight fitting.

PEEK tubing is offered at different length, ad also in pre-cut lengths.

Common Uses for Available Tubing Sizes
• 360 µm OD is the most commonly used tubing size for capillary LC and related applications ; (PEEK post-column
transfer lines have been found to improve performance in LC-MS applications by reducing peak tailing and eliminating
peak symmetry degradation. For more information, request a repint of the article: Improved LC-MS Results Study: Fused
Silica vs. PEEK Tubing from our “literature-request” page.)
• .020” OD offers increased wall thickness and stiffness when compared with the 360 µm offerings
• 1/32” OD is the most commonly used tubing size for microbore LC and is also used as the direct-connect tubing for
several of the newest Rheodyne-brand high pressure valves
• 1/16” OD is the most commonly used tubing size for standard, analytical LC and related techniques, often found
between throughout the system between the outlet of the pump and the inlet of the detector
• 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm OD are commonly found sizes in equipment manufactured outside of the United States
• 1/8” OD is popular for semi-preparative applications or for solvent delivery to the pump where the solvent is sensitive to
gas intrusion through the flow path tubing wall

-Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags
- FEP Gas Sampling Bags
- Combo Valve Gas Sampling Bags
- Gas Sampling Bulb with Septum Ports

SKC quality products include:
• Sample pumps
• Sorbent tubes
• Sample bags
• Passive samplers
• Size-selective samplers
• Filters

SKC manufactures its sample bags out of ultra-clean top-grade fi lms including SamplePro
FlexFilm (SKC proprietary fi lm), Tedlar, FlexFoil, Kynar (PVDF), and FluoroFilm (FEP).