UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Portable miniature High Resolution UV-VIS-NIR are designed to help you
find answers reliably, conveniently and in virtually any application. Typical
application such as Thin Film, Colour Analysis, LED measurement,
Transmission, Reflectance and others.

We supply wide range of XRF certified reference materials. The CRM can
be used in cement / raw meal / clinker, raw materials, sand, limestone,
gypsum, bauxite, iron ore, fly ash, etc.

Whether it's HPLC or GC columns, standards or reagents, sample
preparation and purification or equipment and accessories, we are your
trusted resource for analytical and chromatography products. We deliver
technical support, product documentation and unsurpassed service.
Continuous Flow Analyzer

The CFA covers most of the necessary need for automatic analysis in
laboratory concerning inorganic compounds like ammonia, nitrate, nitrite,
orthophosphate, silicates, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, dissolved
iron, chromium, aluminum, manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, alkalinity,
hardness, sulphate, residual chlorine, chloride, calcium, magnesium,
cyanide, phenols, boron, arsenic.

The automated analyzer is widely used to analyze inorganic compounds in
water, sea water, waste water, fertilizers, soils extracts and many others.

Unique Features:
i) Fully automatic with high sample throughputs of typically 60 samples
per hour.
ii) Low levels analysis with rapid analysis
iii) MultiTest Cartridge for multiple parameters analysis
iv) and many features
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

X-ray fluorescence technique to support applications in geology,
agriculture, land reclamation, fossil and secondary fuel usage, emissions
monitoring, recycling, and catalyst production.

To meets RoHS WEEE, ELV directives for polymer, electronic and
electrical components.