About Our Business

Axial Scientific Enterprise is a leading scientific instrument marketing and
services group in Malaysia.

The company, Axial Scientific Enterprise founded in 2005 by a group
chromatography and spectroscopy application and support specialist. The
team is made up with the specialists who have in-depth experience that led to
our core competence today.

The company is based on extensive know-how of our sales, after sales
support and sourcing markets. In our definition, we provide solution that
includes product and application expertise, intimate cultural know-how and
sophisticated marketing skills.

Services for Our Customers

Axial Scientific provides solutions by offering a wide range of customised
technical and after sales services, including development, implementation,
knowledge transfer and support.
Our product portfolio reflects the leading brands and state-of-the-art
technology provided by our highly reputable suppliers.

These Services include:
Product Sourcing & Problem Solving
Product Customization & Installation including Calibration and
Knowledge Transfer & Application Training
Promotion of advanced training for the customers
Collaboration with the scientific community for the technical seminar /
About Us